Art classes

From my home, in a studio in my garden, I teach regular painting classes. Many of the ladies (yes, it's all women!) have painted with me for a long time and started out as absolute beginners with little experience but lots of passion to try something new! 

Everybody can learn to paint...if  you have the desire to learn, the confidence to make mistakes, the courage to explore and  the passion to allow yourself to treat each painting as a journey that begins with you making the decision to try....

The classes are fun and relaxed and we learn from one another...I too am learning everyday...we should ALWAYS be learning ....and so we learn together!


  1. Hi Heidi

    Love your venture and very impressed. I am a proud owner of Roses from the Montpelier Auction!

    Looking for art lessons for my 5 year old grand-daughter though, anywhere in Durban North or Morningside and thought you would be the ideal person to ask. I suppose Amy goes to you !

    Let me know if you have any thoughts.

    1. Wow!! Thank you .....I know exactly which rose painting you are talking about! I am so glad you have come across Paintings in the post....hope you become a regular visitor!
      Amy does go to a class once a week on the Berea, I don't know of any kids classes in Morningside or Durban North. Amy is in Senior primary though so I am not sure her class would suite a 5 year old....I am often asked why I don't do kids classes but unfortunately I am just too busy and at the time that I would be able to do a kids class, my own children need me to be around. St Lukes church in Glenashley used to have an art programme running from their premises, perhaps you could contact them and find out if the classes still happen....other than that sorry I am not much help!
      Kind regards Heidi

  2. Hi there Heidi, I went to the opening of Paintings in the Post. Loved it! Bought Iced Zoo as it brings back such fond memories. Im also enquiring after artclasses for next year? For myself? Look forward to your response


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