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I live in Durban, on the east coast of South Africa, with my husband Andrew and our children Ross and Amy. The "east coast" of the southern most part of the continent means beautiful beaches, tropical climates, hot steamy summers and beautiful warm winters. We're a couple of hours from the Drakensberg Mountains, only an hour away from South Africa's second largest game reserve (Umfolozi Game Reserve) and have a beautiful coastline of beaches which means being outdoors is a way of life. With all of this on our doorstep, including a vibrant coastal city, I'm spoiled for inspiration.

I am a full time artist and art teacher and have recently engaged in the practice of  Daily Painting. Please visit my Painting a Day page to read about the journey which has, in effect, resulted in this blog. I'm a painter, NOT a writer ... which is probably why I have avoided "blogging"! But I've realized the DELETE button is a wonderful thing and we are becoming very well acquainted! Since I'm more comfortable recording in images, my daily paintings have become like a visual narrative, a recording of seemingly insignificant, everyday places or objects. I am drawn to the banal ... the simple beauty of the "everyday" which is often unnoticed or overlooked in our daily rush. The places we go, the objects we surround ourselves with, and the connections we forge, reflect a personal mapping of our daily existence.

My daily paintings are a regular record of the mundane, but together form part of my journey. I have been encouraged to paint daily, not only from the pleasure I get from doing so (and believe me it takes DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE) but also from the encouragement and interest that others have shown in my project. Your enthusiasm has fueled my own! So if you are new to Paintings in the Post...welcome...thanks for taking the time to look...I would love you to share my journey! Subscribe via email to receive my painting in your post (Inbox being the modern mailbox)  and join my Facebook page "Paintings in the Post". I would love to hear from you....
Thank you for your interest!


PS. This blog would never have materialized without the assistance, advice and love of my 'sister' (actually cousin) Candice Caldwell. We have made a fantastic team, collaborating from different continents and time zones (Candice lives in Chicago) and she is super creative too! Check her out at ReFab Diaries

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  1. You are welcome to join and/or follow my Pinterest board of all the artists participating in the Leslie Saeta "30 in 30" challenge. Just send me your email so that i can send you an invitation. susan@susanejones.com


    Thank you!


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