Time for tea #763

Daily painting #763 6"x6" oil on primed panel (unframed)

Time for tea....and Elderflower cordial, Stilton cheese and a host of other yummy English treats that I can't wait to get to my hands on! As I sit this morning drinking a cup of Five Roses tea in my studio (I start the day with coffee always, but its cold and I can't drink coffee all day), I am starting to get a little flutter of excitement in the pit of my stomach. We leave soon for a family holiday  in England. 

You may not know that I lived in London many years ago. I came home for a short period with every intention of returning (once visas were sorted) to this vibrant, exciting city that I called home. But life had other plans. I met my husband here in South Africa, got married and only returned  to England almost 15 years later. I went back for the first time again 3 years ago. Some of you who have followed Paintings in the post for a long time, might remember I was well into my 365 days of paint and so I travelled with my painting things and painted and blogged every day while traveling. This time I won't be traveling with my painting things, although I always have a sketchbook, pens and a tiny traveling watercolor set on hand. I won't be sharing pages from my private journal though. I will however share some photos and lots of inspiration on my Instagram account so you can follow along there if you would like to stay in touch (click here to follow my Instagram account).

I haven't painted any little paintings for Paintings in the post lately. I am frantically working towards an exhibition (of larger work) here in Durban at Artspace gallery in October. So it seems fitting that as I tie up the last little bits in my studio and tidy up before closing the doors until my return, that I sit and do a little painting. There is something spiritual about these little studies for me...I have discussed this many times before. Just me and my paint and a little space! So tea it is...almost time to feed my painting soul with some English inspiration...and my tummy with a host of English treats.

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  1. Wow! i absoluetly love how simple yet beautiful this painting is!! Like to capture something so ordinary as a tea bag in such extraordinary way!

  2. Nice tea bag painting i have seen this kind of tea bag painting first time and really liked it good job.
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