Permanent Rose #762

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Daily painting #762 6"x8" oil on primed panel (unframed)

I have been working on many large paintings lately. I am not sharing all of them online as I am working towards an exhibition in October and I have also not been doing as many little postcard size studies as I would like to have. I really miss doing them. The time spent doing these little studies is quiet, intimate and meditative. They are good for my soul and besides, any time spent closely  observing, is good for any artist. 

So after all the flowers this week...a rose of a different kind...a Permanent Rose. The oil paint pigment Permanent Rose by Winsor and Newton. The irony is that  although I paint numerous roses and other flowers, this colour is never used! Hence the fact that the still plump, full tube of paint is rather bent and buckled from lying around for a rather long time! So a little rose for you today...but not of the floral variety!

If you have missed any of my social media posts lately and would like to see some of the large florals that I did share, here is a little peep...

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Have a wonderful weekend...its back to the studio for me before its time to pick up my kids from school! 

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  1. OMG! This is such an amazing work. I loved going through the pictures. The paintings are so perfect. Thank you for the share. It was a great job. Well Done!


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