Bakers Choc-o biscuits #761

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Daily painting #761 5"x7" oil on primed panel (unframed)

April is a month of celebrations! We have four family birthdays in April, two of which are both my children. Yip...bad planning from this mum! April is thus a busy (and expensive) month, but a happy one too! It's a month of celebrations, parties, entertaining, family get-togethers and way too much yummy food. 

Needless to say in April (like December) we kind of fall off the sugar-free wagon a little, if I have to be honest. I am fine with that though as life happens and it's not worth stressing over, so although way too much sugar has crept back into our eating of late, the important thing is getting back into eating as sugar-free as possible again. It is easy in that I just don't purchase or keep anything containing any form of sugar in our house. But it is SO darn hard to give it up, that we are reminded about how damn addictive the stuff is and how quickly your taste buds change. The motivating factor though is that we all feel so much better when we illuminate any kind of sugar and it makes me jump for joy when I hear my teenage children say they can't wait to detox from the sugar again because it effects so many things like sleep, bloating, skin, concentration...to name a few.

So it's time to say cheeri-o to choc-o's or any of the remaining party food in the house. The problem is that I love to paint all the things that we shouldn't eat! They are always so colourful and interesting to paint (although I regularly paint the beautiful colours of natural food too). Perhaps that's a good thing... to obsess over painting the food that we obsess over, rather than eating it. I obsess over the juicy paint and mark-making (don't worry I don't plan on eating any paint) and somehow I always forget about what it is that I am painting anyway...it is always about the paint! So although we won't be eating any of the sugary treats for a while, I can't promise that I won't be painting them! 

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