Daily painting #717 Abundant beauty

Daily painting #717 5"x7" oil on primed panel

Every year I am blessed with a wonderful show of beautiful orchids on my back veranda. I have pots of orchids sitting there and to be honest with you for the most part of the year I forget that they exist. They provide a sea of greenery which is lovely but they are really quite neglected...I couldn't tell you when last I even gave them water (guilty) but they clearly thrive on neglect. The only kind thing I have done is find just the right spot in the house for them, but even that was by accident.

So it is with a little bit of guilt but a good dose of gratitude that I enjoy this abundant beauty each year. 

My supply of little canvas boards that I use to oil paint on (for daily paintings) has run out and I have not managed to prime a new batch. I usually spend an entire day just priming and prepping boards and I have not had the luxury of a whole day to do just that. So today I used one of the extra smooth primed panels that I keep for ink and acrylic. It was so different painting on such a completely smooth surface with oil paint. I would imagine it would be wonderful if you are working up soft layers of glazed oils but daily painting is quick, alla prima with no time for glazing. Things got a little slippery and I found I had to make much more bold marks....but I quite enjoyed it and will be experimenting a little more I think. So much to do ( and experiment with and learn) ...so little time! 

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