May blooms

A selection from the month of May!

Looking back over the month, I have realized there has been a whole lot of 'pretty' happening this month in my studio and it is not even Spring in South Africa! I thought I would share this little selection with you. 
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May seems to have been a blooming good month!

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Pink and blue #698

Daily painting #698 6"x6" ink and acrylic on primed panel

A little floral study just to set me up for a day of floral painting on some large canvases that will be leaving my studio soon. Little studies like this fine tune the eye, heighten my sense of observation and get me all excited at the prospect of what today's paint explorations might bring (I can only be hopeful....of course the day could be a flop and the painting go all wrong and tomorrow will have to bring some magic but I'm an optimistic girl).
Happy Friday! 

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