Red bud #681

Daily painting #681 6"x6" ink and acrylic on primed panel 

We have been away camping in the Drakensberg mountains. We took no electronics with us other than a phone in case of emergency and so it was a fabulous time to unplug, disconnect and recharge. Being in the mountains has a way of helping you do that...fresh air, beautiful scenery, birds, trees, camp fires, family time.....aaaahhhh....I could go back today! But I was equally delighted to arrive home to my chaotic, messy happy place...my studio. I had left a little red rose bud in a small vase on my desk. To my delight it had started to dry out retaining the beautiful little bud shape and it had kept the rich deep crimson red tones. I have shared an image of the progress of the little painting....
It's fabulous to be on holiday but equally delightful to be back!

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