Last sketchbook share #663

From my personal sketchbook

Thanks for the response to yesterday's blog post. In the hopes that I can inspire you to open up that sketchbook, I am sharing one more page from my personal sketchbook.
I am wanting to experiment with some yellow roses painted in inks and acrylics so I have been 'playing' with colours in my sketchbook. I spoke about acrylic colours a few posts back and wrote  about how artificial and bright I found them to be by comparison to working with my oils. This of course is just a personal observation and so I have been experimenting a lot in my sketchbook. When working with oils I would never just use a range of yellows if I was painting yellow...I always have at least one of each primary colour on my palette. To create the more neutral shadowed tones on the yellow rose I used yellow's complementary colour purple (essentially blue + red), but was lazy to mix my own and simply reached for an already mixed purple in my acrylic paintbox. The rose is still too bright and I am still struggling with the colours and not yet achieving the beautiful softness that I want, but I will continue to play in between finishing off a large protea painting commission. Some yellow inky/acrylic daily paintings will definitely be happening soon so watch this space...
I hope you have pulled out that sketchbook and engaging for just a few minutes (hopefully more) each day!

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