Calandiva flowers #654

Daily painting #654 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

These are growing in a pot on the windowsill in my studio. Last week they had tiny little buds. Today they have opened up into heads made up of tiny little flowers. The last 2 days have been so incredibly hot and humid that I am sure they are not going to last very long so I am enjoying the moment!
But NOT the heat....away with you summer now...enough! Sorry if you are experiencing massive snow storms and here I am complaining about the heat. We are experiencing massive and devastating country wide droughts and the Cape is fighting destructive fires. The weather the world over has been a little crazy and extreme! Mother Nature's wrath!

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Sunday rose #653

Daily painting #653 5"x7" oil on primed board

Compositionally this little daily painting didn't work...the rose ended up too high but I do like the loose mark making and the layering that happened, so all is not lost! 
It is Sunday and it has been a busy week. My children have a load of schoolwork to catch up on today before the start of another busy week, so it is a quiet day in the Shedlock household with everyone getting busy so that this afternoon we can all have some time out to relax!

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