#DoSomethingCreativeToday - Creative Fear

Completing almost 600 consecutive daily paintings without missing a day, really taught me a lot about myself and FEAR. I had to learn to overcome many fears...maybe today was going to be the day I just couldn't do this little painting, what if I couldn't find anything to paint, what if people didn't like what I painted, what were people thinking or saying about what I was doing, who the heck was I to be sharing my paintings online, what if the painting wasn't good enough in my eyes and I still shared it regardless (oh the fear!!!!), if I was going away how was I going to paint, would I have enough time....THE LIST OF FEARS IS ENDLESS!!!!

But I overcame them and shared my little paintings with the world regardless. Now I have started a project where I encourage others to share something creative that they have done at home, school, in the garden, office, studio, kitchen...wherever and it doesn't have to be art related. Just do something creative or make a creative decision...you won't regret it. The world needs people to be more creative daily...it's how we grow, change and get better.

The project has been most successful on my Facebook page Paintings in the post which you can find here and you can also find the posts using #DoSomethingCreativeToday on Facebook search. I would also love you to share something in the comments below if you would prefer...lets share something creative we have been up to with the world and hopefully inspire others to be more creative too.

Now don't let your FEAR stop you from sharing! I faced my fear of the camera to send you a little creative loving and hopefully some inspiration....

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