Daily painting #721 Wicked donuts

Daily painting #721 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

A Wicked Donuts shop has opened in our area. Aaargh!!!

For a wanna-be-sugar-free-eater this is an absolute disaster! Kids are lining up after school in the afternoon to get their next sugar fix and it is the trendy place to hang out, take your latest Instagram snap from (i.e. look where I am...lucky me) or post your most recent Snapchat story from! I have two teenage kids...are you getting the picture? (It sucks right?) So I finally gave in to all my will power and good sense, not to mention fabulous parenting skills (peer pressure sucker) and took my kids...

They have every possible flavour, colour or type of donut you could possibly imagine and it is a feast for the eyes if not for the taste buds! I found myself thinking "Ooooo, I want to paint that!" as my eye tripped from one temptation to the next. My kids got to choose a donut and so did I. They went for flavour, I went for what looked best. They ate theirs, I painted mine. Yes, I managed to resist the temptation of eating the "Strawberry and cream Donut". My kids on the other hand ate the "Peanut Butter and Jam Donut" and the "Double Chocolate Delight Donut". They felt SICK. Very sick! I think I may just have cured them of donut cravings for life (wishful)...they might thank me one day! 

So at the slightest mention of Wicked Donuts they both turn a shade of green. When you haven't had much sugar in your system for almost a year, your taste buds alter and your body seems to refuse what it used to crave. As wonderful as the idea of eating donuts may be, it seems their body just couldn't take it. Interesting...

At least we won't have to do another trip to the donut shop and just for the record what I thought was seriously weak parenting skills turned out to be the best decision I have made in a while! You just never know and sometimes going with your gut is the best parenting decision you can make!

As for painting....well there is something delicious in painting sugary, sticky, gooey, colourful things. Perhaps it is sensory like the gooey, sticky, colourful paint. But I don't eat paint...and I won't be eating donuts!

from one Wicked Mama (Heidi) 

P.S. Thanks for all the awesome creative sharing on my Facebook personal profile and Paintings in the post page yesterday! You all rock for overcoming the fear of sharing and hopefully we all inspired someone to do something a little more creative! THANK YOU xxx

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