Morning #707

Daily painting #707 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel

It has been a while since I painted the morning sky which is a pity because our Durban winter sunrises are just the best! Painting them and enjoying them with a good cup of coffee is on my list of favourite things! 
It is the school holidays which is always a busy family time for me but I also have quite a lot of things happening at the moment and my creative brain is quite honestly in overdrive! To have a creative brain can be a blessing but also a curse. When I have an idea that's planted itself, my brain goes into over wire and runs away with itself....thinking in a million different disorderly directions....keeping me awake at night and inducing a kind of adrenalin rush frenzy in my thought patterns! I have to take time out to centre myself again, write everything down to try make order of the chaos and of course find something to do that helps me switch off for a bit. I wish I could have done that at 3 am this morning when I was tossing and turning! HA! So what am I up to you may be asking? Well I am not ready to share just yet....but watch this space!
Back to beautiful sunrises and my list of favourite things...we are off on a little adventure early tomorrow morning before the sun even rises! We are road tripping to the bush...my BEST place to be in the whole world. We are going to a game reserve called HluHluwe about a 2 hour drive from home. Spending time in the African bush is definitely at the top of the list of my favourite things to do and I get to spend some time not only with my family but also my much loved camera. Will share some pics with you, I promise! 

Sending a whole lot of Monday love....

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