Paintings in the post has taught me the value of daily creative engagement and I can't emphasize the value enough. Last week I wrote about engaging in a creative and meaningful way on a daily basis with something that fills your 'soul tank'. You can read about it here

I encouraged others to share something creative that they had done during the day (in the office, in your garden, in your home, in a sketchbook, in your kitchen...wherever) and it was a wonderful way for me to connect with you and get to know some of you a little better! 

The sharing happened mainly on my Paintings in the post Facebook page, but this week I want to hear from more of you! Lets inspire one another and be a little MORE creative. Why not... it's good for you! So PLEASE tell me something creative you have done today (it need not be something BIG...just a little creative decision) and you can share it here on the blog (click comment below) or head on over to my Facebook page (here) and share...

I look forward to meeting you...let's share this creative thing and inspire one another!

Much creative love and creative sharing... Heidi

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