Daily painting #715 Hot chocolate and rain

Daily painting #715 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel 

Hot chocolate (yes...sugar-free) and rain...what a fabulous combination. As I sat in my studio getting ready to paint, two little dainty cups of hot chocolate on hand (one for drinking, one for painting), I couldn't help but feel that things couldn't get much better! A yummy warm drink, quiet time in my studio to paint, some colder weather for Durban (makes a change) and glorious rain falling on the glass door and windows of my studio. Water glorious water running down the glass, forming giant puddles and creating a dripping symphony of sound like a heartbeat for our dry gardens. You see the problem is we are in the middle of one of the worst droughts in ages. Farmers have been unable to plant crops, our dams are almost dry and we have severe water restrictions in place.

But as I sit huddled in bed to keep warm tonight, laptop on my lap to load this blog post, I am   listening to torrents of water rushing outside as the rain still continues to fall and I have to say I am full of dread. Talk about extremes...we have had flash floods and many areas are in a state of disaster. Many of my friends have had their homes flooded, garden walls collapsed, cars damaged or been stuck on flooded roads. We have been praying for rain for ages but right now we all need Noah and his fine ark to come to the rescue! So as I sit here now, I am grateful! Grateful for my dry home and my warm bed and hot chocolate. Grateful that my animals and family are safe and that we have escaped any real disaster so far. But I know that others have not been as lucky so I spare a thought for them.

Now if you are in need of some (sugar-free) cheering up or something to keep you warm if you are in Durban (we are not familiar with cold weather or equipped for it) then try my sugar-free Hot Chocolate...its the best! Two heaped spoons of cacao (or cocoa powder) and a few drops of stevia mixed with a little boiling water to dissolve it. Warm up some full cream milk and stir in the chocolatey mixture...enjoy!  

If you are in Durban...stay safe and off the roads if you can. 
Lots of love from a very wet and cold Durban!

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