Daily painting #712 - On a dish

Daily painting #712 8"x8" oil on primed canvas panel 

The winter holidays have come to an end all too soon! My children are back at school and the only positive is that I get to hide out in my studio with absolute silence and work uninterrupted. I'm enjoying the silence so much I didn't even play any music in my studio yesterday....the silence was golden! So it's back to being more focused on all the things I love to do and count down the days until the next holidays when we get to indulge in more special family time again. Either way I am happy to say its a win/win situation. I love holidays and family time and I love that I get to paint/create/teach/share all my passions and basically call all the things I enjoy doing the most, work!

The little bright kumquats are yet to be turned into (sugar-free) marmalade (still on my 'To Do' list) so I get to enjoy them in my studio for a little longer. I loved painting them again. The one thing that has been ticked off the list is editing and sorting through my millions of photos from our recent trip to the bush. It is one of those tasks that if I don't do it immediately, the pics will sit on my computer for the rest of the busy term. So today I share with you just a few because I can't help but want to share with you just how beautiful South Africa is. It was so hard choosing just a few and I can't say I looked for 'the best' images because quite frankly I wanted to share them all. The beauty, the animals, the wilderness....oh gosh I could just go on and on! Am I sounding #proudlySouthAfrican? Well we so often have bad press and the crime rate is crazy, our government as corrupt as they come and too many of my friends choose to not live here any longer....and I understand why. But....there is a little piece of my heart that will always be African and I can't help but want to share that!

From South Africa with love...

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