Three plums #699

Daily painting #699 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

Three plump, jewel-like plums nestle into one another in the dim light....

After all the "pretty" blomme (flowers in Afrikaans), I feel the need to sit quietly and mull over a very traditional little still life. I see-saw between the energetic, compulsive and experimental and the comfortable, soothing and traditional. It is a good balance for me between exploring and concentrating on observation. The exploration is exciting, my marks more energetic and I never quite know where the work is going. In contrast the little traditional still life set-up, painted in a more traditional way gives me comfort and is like revisiting a good and faithful old friend. One can also never underestimate the skill of observation and these little still life paintings really force me to focus on interpreting what I see. So something a little more traditional for you today and a bit of soul food for me switching off in my studio, no interruptions and just observing, painting and loosing myself in 3 little plums!

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