Soft pink #656

Daily painting #656 8"x8" ink and acrylic on primed panel

The first few ink and acrylic florals that I tried were much more bold and bright. I find both the acrylic and the ink very intense in colour and definitely more bright and bold to work with. The colour feels almost artificial to work with by comparison to my oils where colour seems to feel so much less complicated for me. So I tried to work with a softer tone this time even though the colour of the ink is so intense. The trick was bringing in the lighter values and pastel tones without loosing the deep values and making everything look pale, bland and flat! When last did you experiment in your studio and use a different medium, brush size or technique? I think the thing that stops us from exploring is that fear of failure. If we are not willing to make mistakes we are depriving ourselves the opportunity to grow. Be brave, make mistakes and keep going ....it's fun you should try it!

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  1. I just love this painting!... And the one before. Congrat

  2. Taking risk is not bad as long as you know that you can handle it right and make sure you don't regret at the end. Visit my site for more information and thanks for your wonderful article it did helped me a lot.




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