A selection of daily paintings.

I have been rather scarce this week...I hope you have missed me...and my little paintings! Or maybe  your week has flown by as fast as mine has and you have barely noticed my absence! In just a days time I will be leaving with my family to go away and there seems to have been so much to organize. The most exciting item on my extensive, never ending and exhausting TO DO list has been to sort, label and price some little paintings for a show and I have been desperate to share this exciting news with you. 

I was contacted by The Gallery in Westville (situated in The Junction Shopping Centre, in Westville, 7 Westville Road) to exhibit my little daily paintings for the month of July. So I have been hurriedly gathering together, labeling and pricing little paintings to send on their way before I leave. Like a mother hen gathering her chicks. I love looking at a few of them together like this...each one a random often insignificant recording of something ordinary that for some reason on that particular day caught my attention and has now been transformed...through paint. A visual diary or recording of my days. A 100 little paintings (about half of them are shown in the photo) have all been delivered and will be on show for the whole month of July so please pop in at The Gallery in Westville to see! By this afternoon this very same table was full of canvas panels again...only spot the difference...

Blank canvas panels ...waiting for the stories they will share. I feel just as excited looking at these...a sense of anticipation and wonder at what random recordings and significant memories will find their way onto my little white boards....keep watching this space! The only thing that is packed and ready to be put into the car is my paintbox...who needs anything else anyway!

P.S. Well considering it's winter and we are heading north, maybe a jacket ...and warm clothes might be a good idea too. I'll add that to tomorrow's TO DO list. I am getting quite good at prioritizing, don't you think?

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