Midnight milk #572

Daily painting #572 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

I have never been one to struggle to fall asleep at night. A few pages of my book and I am so tired that within minutes I am asleep! But regardless of how late I went to sleep, I am an early riser! Just before sun up I am awake with the first tweet of the birds or the first change of light in the sky. It's like my body has this internal clock that sets the alarm for first light. This is a wonderful thing when you have learnt to appreciate this still, quiet time of day as being a restful, soulful time before the rush of a busy day. It also helps when your bedroom faces the east coast and you are blessed with glorious sunrises. But it is not so pleasant when you haven't had a good nights sleep and that first light seems to come around far quicker than you would like it to!
Since I broke my ankle I have had a hard time sleeping. I just can't seem to get comfortable with that cumbersome boot on my leg and when I lay down everything seems to ache and I just can't lie still. So my nights are spent feeling like I am drifting in and out of a state of light sleep. I have tried all the remedies (old wives tales) like warm milk, counting sheep, visualizing happy thoughts.....but I have come to realize they are all indeed a farce! Sometimes it's just easier to sit up and read my book or if I could get to my studio with greater ease, I would probably paint the night away! In only a months time we are off to the bush on holiday, quite possibly my favourite place in the world. Hopefully in this quiet, restful place my sleep patterns will be restored.....and my sanity!


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