From my kitchen #523

Daily painting #523 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

Thanks for all the messages yesterday! We were unharmed and safe and really very fortunate that all the necessary security systems in place kept our home and ourselves safe and secure! I was asked by someone why I published my experience as they felt it put South Africa in a bad light and we really didn't need any more bad publicity or foreigners reading negative things about South Africa. My intention was not to be negative. I share snippets of my daily life...the good and the bad. Just like I share my daily painting (my little visual records of daily life) ....and again I share the good and the bad images! Although, I like to think I share more good than bad! Our experience the other night was not pleasant but it is a reality and in life we have to learn to take the good and deal with the bad! The world over has problems, just in varying degrees and  different problems! Hiding from any problem or unpleasant situation is just crazy! Being realistic and facing a challenge or unpleasant situation is far more productive and burying my head in sand has never been an option for me! We have challenges in South Africa but for those of us that choose to stay, we do so because this is home, warts and all! So we secure our homes, learn to accept things that others find obscure, deal with the challenges and grow an amazing appreciation for the beauty and positives that South Africa does have to offer. It is our choice, it is hard yet there is no place like it....it is home! A mixture of good, bad and little reality, there still really is no place like home!

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