Happy Christmas

The clock has just struck midnight on Christmas Eve and so we officially welcome in Christmas Day. The last of my guests have said their goodbyes and the kitchen is clean and ready for new Christmas feasts and celebrations for Christmas Day. This Christmas is the first Christmas in two years that I have not painted a daily painting on Christmas Eve and tomorrow I will not paint one on Christmas Day either! I will spend all my precious time with my family. I have however, been itching all day to close myself away in my studio to paint and I have had to fight off the desire to switch off from all the Christmas madness and settle down with my brushes and paint....a huge source of relaxation for me. The house is finally quiet now and everyone is asleep and although I have closed my studio door for Christmas, I couldn't let the day go by without wishing you all a very happy, blessed and peaceful Christmas! 

So no painting....but some Christmas lights and magic and a ton of blessings from me to you! 

Merry Christmas....all my love Heidi

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