Chinese teacup and plums #626

Daily painting #626 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

This little still life was set up in my studio yesterday. My studio was a happy, busy place yesterday! My daughter Amy (12 years old) likes to make home made gifts for everyone in the family for Christmas and she spends hours looking at Pinterest for interesting things to make. 
My son has been nagging for ages for us to get him a bulldog, he loves them! Well Amy solved my dilemma yesterday...this year he is getting his bulldog..all be it a painted one! She spent hours in my studio yesterday, painting a bulldog for her brother for Christmas and I think she did a darn fine job of it too! She also painted a little beagle puppy. I am secretly hoping that there will be a little painting from her under the tree for me too! And it looks like the painting bug has bit and I might need to share a corner of my studio. Thank goodness she has her own set of paints and brushes, now those I am not willing to share! I am quite possessive of my brushes....but my studio space I am happy to share! Having a little visitor in my daughter while I painted yesterday was an absolute treat! 

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