Pink #614

Daily painting #614 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

While I was having a break from my studio, Paintings in the post celebrated its 2nd birthday! Yes...it was 2 years ago that my cousin Candice (who lives in Chicago) helped me launch Paintings in the post...and what an AMAZING journey it has been! I couldn't decide what I missed more when I closed my studio for a short break (see last blog post). Was it the ritualistic and hugely satisfying process of completing a little daily painting in a short space of time or was it the interaction with all the friends I have made through my blog? I definitely think it was a combination of both and it has been wonderful to read all the messages, on all the different social media platforms that the blog shares to, just how much you all enjoyed seeing a little painting again....thank you!

What would a birthday celebration be without a gift of some sort! So I have decided to offer FREE POSTAGE to anywhere in the world for the remainder of the month on any purchase made through my online store or direct purchases (SA only). If you are based in South Africa and would prefer to purchase directly please contact me via my email at heidishedlock@gmail.com or click on the link below to view my daily painting online store.


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