A selection of little paintings for the post!

A selection of 6"x6" and 6"x8" little paintings

These 4 little paintings are packed and ready for their journey in the post to the UK. They are a selection of holiday memories and hopefully will be a beautiful reminder of special times!

I have had a lot of little commissioned paintings to complete....all destined for the post...and heading in different directions around the world! How exciting! I took a week or so off of daily painting to get them all completed and the trip to the post office is going to be a big one! I always feel like a mother hen sending her chicks off into the pasture when those little envelopes holding little paintings get handed over the post office counter. I always say a little silent prayer that they have safe journeys to their new homes! I once told my children this and they screamed with laughter. What am I going to be like when my own children really do leave home....a wreck I am sure!

So off to the post office on Monday morning with my little treasures destined for their journeys to far off places. Hopefully some happy people will be receiving their paintings in the post and hopefully now I can resume a little bit of daily painting! 
Watch this space....

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