Spring #606

Daily painting #606 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

"A pinch and a punch, it's the first of the month...." And just like that Spring has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere, although if truth be told we have hardly had a winter here in Durban. I am hoping that with Spring will come some much needed rain. We are experiencing a record drought at the moment and many areas are under strict daily water restrictions. 

I too have had a bit of a 'daily painting' drought! I have been sick and then my children took it in turns to fall ill. I have a load of painting commissions that I am busy working my way through too so I have not dedicated any time to daily painting for just over a week. I miss it so much and it is quite possibly one of my favourite things to do. I love the rush of completing something in one sitting and the roller coaster ride of 'this won't work...maybe it can...it's not too bad...I've messed up...okay back on track...is it finished...' And all the other immediate emotions that go with pushing through completing something in one go! So I am back on track again...we are all restored to good health and my daily painting box is back in its rightful spot in my studio! This makes me happy...a good way to start Spring!

Happy Spring Southern Hemisphere friends!

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