Weekend floral #577

Daily painting #577 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel

A little bit of floral to brighten up your weekend! I love flowers and floral patterns...but I think I have have told you that before!

Thank you to everyone that left comments on the blog and joined in the GIVEAWAY fun! Please feel free to stop by anytime and leave a comment or introduce yourself ... I would love to meet you..and hear from you.

Daily painting #82 is going to Randi Grace Nilsberg! My son pulled your name from the list of names so...CONGRATULATIONS! Please email me at heidishedlock@gmail.com with your postal address so that I can send you a Painting in the post! 

That was lots of fun...I will do it again some time soon.
Have a great Sunday!

P.S. What is it that on the day you want to announce a painting giveaway, the Internet connection is either nonexistent or so weak it keeps disconnecting....Murphy's law! Finally I am able to post...better late than never.

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