From my room....

I am off to the doctor today to have a check up and hopefully will be able to move around a bit more soon. Living in a double story house is a disadvantage when you have limited movement. Getting down the staircase, the same staircase which you tumbled down in the first place is not an easy task when you are balancing on crutches and trying to hop with as little jarring movement as possible. So I will glamorously descend the staircase on my bottom this morning for fear of creating more havoc than my last descent. (I tripped over the cat and fell down our flight of stairs 3 weeks ago). For what feels like a life time I have been confined to my bedroom and so much of the household activity including evening meals have taken place picnic style in order to keep Mum company. I am missing my cosy studio and can't wait to get back into my little space. I am hoping to be sharing a few little paintings again soon. For now I want to share a special little image of my daughter. She brought her sewing machine (she has been designing beanbag babies) into my bedroom to keep Mum company. Hoping for good news today and that the next image I share will be a little painting! Thank you everyone for all the messages of well wishes....I really appreciate them and am delighted to hear how many people are missing seeing Paintings in the post.

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