Pain candy #470

Daily painting #470 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

Wherever possible I will always try to go the natural or homeopathic route but over the last few days I have gladly handed out these little painkillers to my son...and he has accepted them gladly, like a child accepts candy! Anything to dull the senses! I am happy to say that today he is much better! For the first time this afternoon he said he didn't think he needed any pain medication and although he  still has a lot of discomfort and a concoction of eye drops that he needs every couple of hours, I am delighted we can say goodbye to the little green and red painkillers! 
Last time I painted my mum's medication I got some really strange messages from people ...one kind lady even sent me links to self help rehab programs. It was clear many of the people had not read my post....so I post this random painting today with a smile knowing that someone out there is going to think I have lost it! I never think too much about what I paint...it would take me too much time and I would never get around to it ...so something random yet significant from my day!

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  1. You certainly paint from the heat. This little painting caught my eye and now has a story behind it. Good work!


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