Keep drawing ... #jesuischarlie #467

Daily painting #467 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

Today has been an emotional day! My son had to go to the hospital to have a procedure done on his eyes this morning. We are home and he is in such agony (despite strong medication) and cannot see at all....it will get better! The 'mamma bear' in me is heartbroken that I cannot take the pain away! It is late and I have only just painted after watching the news channel to catch up on the awful events that have played out in Paris. Watching the gathering of people in Paris with pencils raised set me off on a massive  big sobbing session which had probably been brewing all day as the 'mamma bear' in me tried to be brave! I feel devastated for the families that have been affected by this awful massacre ...it is a sad reflection on humankind that some can feel justified in killing others. So through teary eyes,  I raise my pencils tonight in my studio (with my paintbrush) to all those who lost their precious lives in such an awful way..... #JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo

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  1. Very touching post Heidi! The " mama " in all of us is outraged to see how life can me mistreated. There is no excuse! I do wish your son feels better soon! Good luck with Leslie Saeta's Challenge. You're doing great!

  2. your work is amazing. Love your style and your subject choices!!!

  3. Powerful piece, let's hope it is over now, it has been a tense couple of days in France. Let peace reign again now.

  4. What power a pencil can have.....and a brush! Great painting!!!

  5. Great painting Heidi ! You just made me to try painting pencils.


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