Brinjal (aubergine) #472

Daily painting #472 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

Brinjal... Aubergine... Eggplant whatever you name it, the colours are gorgeous and rich! I went to the market today for fresh produce and I always find it such a sensory experience. The colours, smells, textures...a sensory feast! This brinjal is about to be chopped and sautéed off with a little garlic and cumin!

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  1. An other nice painting, Heidi. The color on the eggplant is so rich. You know how to make beautiful and rich purple.

  2. Lovely! And brinjals/aubergines/eggplants are my favorite vegetable. My boyfriend in college used to bring them to me instead of flowers.

  3. Really nice paint application and colors. Yea!!!

  4. This one really caught my eye. Nice.

  5. I love eggplants. Heidi, Yours is so appetising! The colors are perfect!


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