Tree squirrel #440

Daily painting #440 pen, ink and watercolour postcard for the postcard art group 

These skittish little creatures always give us a giggle when we see them. They scurry about like the White Rabbit in Alice and Wonderland like they are "late...late for a very important date"!! They live in hollows in trees. They live in large groups for greater protection and secrete a particular scent which they cover their living area with and rub over the tail and bodies of those they live with so that they can be easily identifiable as all having a similar scent. They are very territorial and won't tolerate any other squirrels coming into their living space who don't carry their familiar scent. I am so glad I don't have to share the same body scent as my husband and son when they have playing sport....I think I would also scurry around like I was mad! 
Jokes aside....I am actually writing this post but unable to send it. After the storm the other night I have had a really weak data connection on my laptop and as soon as I try to do anything with images the connection crashes....it is also taking ages for me to even access my blog! I haven't as yet even loaded yesterday's blogpost because it simply won't allow me to! Very frustrating but then maybe I shouldn't have the distractions of electronics with me in the bush! That being said I do love to share my experiences with you, especially some of you who have maybe never visited South Africa. I hope I can share just a little of our beauty....South Africa does not always get the best press publicity but nothing can beat this little piece of heaven on earth ....the African bush! If you have never experienced it....I hope that one day you might and if not I hope you enjoy hearing about it from me....if only I can receive a strong enough data signal ....!!! If there is one thing being in the bush teaches you it is patience ....maybe tomorrow I will be able to share! (Holding thumbs!!!!)
We are off on a night drive tonight in the bush. At night one is only allowed to travel around under the guidance of  a game ranger. Night being the time when many predators hunt and the animals vision being far superior to ours at night, it is only safe to travel with a ranger. The dark is so incredibly dark it is almost claustrophobic but with a search light the rangers guide you and hopefully find some nocturnal animals .....too excited for words!!!! (Hang on I seem to have used a lot of those....more tomorrow)

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