Santa decoration #447

Daily painting #447 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel 

I have SO many Christmas decorations and I have never left it until the last week before Christmas to put out all my decorations! But then again we don't normally go away just before Christmas....so better late than never! The house is looking really festive but I have to admit it doesn't feel like Christmas is just a few days away. Although I did get a good feel of the Christmas chaos yesterday when I took my son to meet up with some mates for a movie at one of our large shopping malls. Bad idea! I thought I would do some last minute (I always swear I will not do the last minute thing) shopping while the kids were at movies but golly gosh the combination of crowds, noise, Christmas carols and people bumping into me was enough to send my senses into overdrive and I felt like a rabbit who wanted to run and hide in the nearest hole! Can I rush off back to the quiet of the bush PLEASE?!! I am one of those people who would rather pay normal prices that fight crowds at sales and being stuck in the rush of people almost made me feel claustrophobic!  I cursed myself for doing the last minute thing yet again. But I finally have all my Christmas planning in order other than a few last minute food items that I will have to shop for on the day before Christmas. Luckily I had painted this little Santa decoration from the tree before I braved the shopping mall....I don't think I could have faced any more Christmas once I got home with sore feet, a pounding headache and a sense of humor failure not to be envious of! My mood quickly changed though when I realized my husband had a fire going (he had made a barbecue or as we call it braai) and was about to cook supper ....at that moment it felt better than any gift Santa could bring!

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