Panda #444

Daily painting #444 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel 

Meet Panda....our beautiful Rottweiler cross black Labrador. She was a rescue baby from our local Animal Anti-cruelty League. She was just the cutest pup and at almost 3 years old (and weighing in at a hefty number) she is still as playful and clumsy as the first day we got her! Her face is so expressive and after being away for the week there is nothing quite as welcoming as the looks on the faces of your furry babies as they welcome you home! Panda and George (our dogs) and Shelly and Noo-Noo (our cats) ....we have missed you and you make coming home again feel just right! Our furry family....we couldn't live without them!

It felt like home to be back in my studio yesterday surrounded by my familiar comforts and to squeeze out my oil paint again ....well that just felt right too! Home sweet home (studio)!

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