Moth with a broken wing #458

Daily painting #458 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel 

This giant moth, it is about the size of the palm of my hand, is sitting near the ceiling in my kitchen. It has a damaged wing but I think I know why! On the floor below sit 2 beady eyed cats waiting for the sport to begin! The moth however is wise ...it has learnt it's lesson ...it is out of reach...risen above  its tormentors and taking a moment to recoup. It's wing is damaged but it can still fly. I have opened a window close by in the hopes that it will make a wise choice and free itself from trouble ....
My second to last painting of 2014. I wish you the same wisdom I wish for the moth! May your decisions be wise...may you free yourself in 2015 of anything that is bringing you down...may you continue to fly even when life sends you a challenge, it always does! As we bid our farewell to 2014 ...may your 2015 be everything you wish it to be....only you can make it happen! Now fly out the open window moth.....new adventures await!

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