Lemon wedges #457

Daily painting #457 6"x6" oil on prime canvas panel

Today was the birthday of one of my dear friends. Melanie was my high school art teacher. We lost contact for a few years when I lived in London (many years ago) but we have stayed in contact since and we are now the best of mates! We have exhibited together in a show called "...a long story!" and in November she opened my Paintings in the post exhibition. She is one of those special friends who you know you can call on for anything and she will be at your side in a minute! A kinder person (and more naturally talented artist) I am yet to meet! So tonight we celebrated with a fabulous feast....all gatherings in my house end up around the table, sharing food, wine and wonderful company! We feasted on lemon and herb and peri-peri smoked chicken, huge Mozambique lemon and garlic prawns and delicious fresh salads. It was a feast fit for a king....in my case....a wonderful friend! I wish I could share more with you but other than the last few wedges of lemon put out to squeeze over the prawns, not much else was left! Happy birthday Mel....to a year of blessings and abundant happiness my friend! X

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