Christmas pudding berries #451

Daily painting #451 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel

Today has been about cooking more than painting! I do love to cook...as many of you already know! Today I did all my final preparation bits and bobs in the kitchen...all those little things that can be done ahead of time to make the Christmas feasting that much more enjoyable for the one preparing all the food (me!). As you know I am sentimental and our family loves traditions and rituals in that there is a comforting sense of nostalgia and familiarity in the little things that stay the same, especially at a time like Christmas! So the famous family Mustard sauce (for the Christmas gammon) has been made...you might remember I painted mustard last year, and the Christmas cakes, puddings and all the 'usual' family recipes have been paid homage in my kitchen today! On Christmas Eve we will have a dinner with my mum-in-law and on Christmas Day we will have the traditional Christmas family lunch so I have 2 Christmas celebrations to prepare for.....a busy time....but I wouldn't change it for the world! I feel grateful that we are able to share wonderful meals together, that we are able to spend time with family (missing those that are far away) and that these traditions and family values can be passed onto my children. It is a time of giving, sharing and family....and wherever you are and whatever your beliefs...I send you good will....we could all do with more giving, sharing, gratitude and good will....no matter the time of year! 

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