Little bee #414

Daily painting #414 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

I read an article the other day written by a site that tries to promote bee conservation and I must say it made me chuckle! It was about how worker bees can suffer from fatigue. It showed a picture of a bee sitting at the edge of a tea spoon with a clear liquid. The article suggested that should you find a bee sitting in one place very still in your home or garden that you place a little sugar water solution close to the bee as chances are it is a worker bee that is overworked and needing a boost!! I had visions of children running around the garden with little teaspoons and sugar water solutions desperately trying to find and feed bees! I found this little bee on my veranda and sadly no sugar water was going to help but if it would have, I would have given it a try as I hate to find dead bees...they have such an important role to play! 
Well I am not sure if the sugar water solution is what will do the trick but the little worker bee in me is tired and looking forward to a holiday....I think that is just the solution I need!

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