Spring rose #393

Daily painting #393 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

This summery bunch really brightened up my studio on a cold, wet day. I awoke with the sound of pouring rain just before first light and couldn't go back to sleep. So I tiptoed downstairs to my studio to paint rather than toss and turn in bed! I love that time of day when everyone is asleep and the house is silent. This morning the silence was broken only by the sound of the rain splashing and dripping at my studio door. Those moments of quiet and peacefulness are soul food for the day. I feel such contentment knowing that as my loved ones sleep upstairs I am in one of my favourite spaces (both physically and mentally). A busy and quite daunting week lies ahead....so I really needed this time of quiet contemplation....

30 October (this Thursday) @ 6pm
(Exhibition ends 14 Nov)
1 Nov @ 9.30am - Artist walkabout and talk about daily painting
8 Nov @ 9.30am - open studio (daily painting painted in Gallery)

Purchase paintings at Heidi Shedlock Fine Art
(The online store will be closed until the end of the Paintings in the post exhibition on the 14 Nov....it will then re-open and be ready for business once again!)

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