Little brown #372

Daily painting 372 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

My poor daughter Amy is having to spend most of her short holiday around the cricket field watching her brother! My son is at a cricket festival and my husband is also away ....at another cricket festival! So it is just the girls at home! Last night after the cricket game we decided to go to one of our local casual restaurants for a quick dinner. It was early evening and quite warm so all the doors were wide open and we watched with fascination as little sparrows flew into the restaurant, perched on the hanging light fittings and scuttled under the tables closest to the open doors looking for a few dinner crumbs. What fascinated us the most was that hardly any of the other people even seemed to notice them! At Amy's suggestion they HAD to be my daily painting which of course had not been painted yet! So we scuttled around trying to get a few pictures....the birds might have gone unnoticed....but we certainly didn't! I vaguely heard Amy explaining to the waiter, while my head was under the table with my iPhone, "don't worry my Mom just wants to paint the birds" ! I am sure that put him at ease....thank goodness they know us at the restaurant!

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