Bumble bee #369

Daily painting #369. 6"x6" oil on primed canal panel

I found a big bumble bee in my outdoor studio that I teach from. I haven't seen one of these in ages and yet I remember seeing them all the time as a kid! We used to call them 'helicopter bees' because they make a loud buzzing sound. They also enjoy the sport of tantalizing and tormenting as they dive bomb the heads of children. We used to think that they were great fun and nothing was more hysterical than a giant bumble bee finding its way into the classroom. I can remember shrieking and ducking as the little drone completely disrupted class as it whizzed around our heads and created a scene of absolute mayhem and hysteria! I am not so sure that as a teacher I would now appreciate these antics quite as much....but I was happy to see they are still around [sadly not this one any longer].

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