Visitors and roses #362

Daily painting #362. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel

I had the most special visitor this week and she arrived with a bunch of yellow roses to wish me 'Happy 40th birthday"! When I lived in London almost 17 years ago, Mrs Peck was my landlady. She owned the house I stayed in, in Malbrook Road, Putney. She became like my 'English mother' for the time I spent over there and although we initially stayed in touch, we had sadly lost contact over the years. I was determined to try to track her down when I returned to London in July....I was not even sure she still lived in London! It's a really long story which I won't bore you with but I managed to find her and imagine her surprise when she arrived home from church one Sunday morning to find me on her doorstep! It was so special to reunite with her...she is almost 80 years old and yet looks just the same as I remember her! She is in South Africa visiting friends at the moment and popped in for some tea and a visit. I can't believe that I have seen her twice in 1 year after not seeing her for almost 17 years! It was wonderful to see photos of her grandchildren and her daughters, Belinda and Georgina, who I have such fond memories of. I hope to see her again sometime, which means another trip to London.....wishful thinking on our current exchange rate but one can always hope....(hint hint to my darling husband)

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