Just another day #366

Daily painting #366. 4"x6" oil on primed canvas SOLD

The question everyone was asking me yesterday was ... "So what now?" Well, what else would I do other than paint....so today was just another day. Only I didn't stay in my studio I found my familiar and comforting little spot on my upstairs veranda overlooking the sea. We have had some much needed rain lately and so the sky has been heavy with clouds.

Thanks to everyone for the messages yesterday....it felt awesome to load daily painting #365 onto the Paintings in the post website....I hope you are visiting again today and will continue to visit regularly. I always struggle when uploading images of the sky because as you crop the image, it abstracts the image slightly because you are viewing it so close up....and quite frankly with the images of the sky, the image gets lost to a degree. So I have loaded another image taken of the painting to show you the difference (particularly with the sky paintings) when viewed from a regular distance and I have placed a pencil next to it to give you a true idea of the size....

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