Exam roses #348

Daily painting #348. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel 

My beautiful little 11 year old girl Amy is doing her ballet exam tomorrow. It is the last exam before she can get her point shoes which is a HUGE thing for any little girl who loves ballet! She practices walking on the tips of her toes in eager anticipation of those point shoes! Clearly I have not a single ballet dancers gene in me....I can think of nothing worse than my toes all squashed up in ballet shoes and my whole body weight balancing (I wouldn't be able to balance) on them...my poor toes!!
So a beautiful bunch of roses for my beautiful ballerina. To wish her luck....tell her we love her ....and remind her of just how beautiful we think she is ....with all our love Ross, Mum and Dad!
You will rock that exam my angel!

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