World's view #330

Daily painting #330. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

My son played in a hockey festival this weekend in Pietermaritzburg and so today we all went up as family to spend the day there. Pietermaritzburg is about an hour inland from Durban. The boys had a morning game and then only played again late afternoon so it gave us some time to head off up the hills and do some exploring as well as finding a quaint little eatery for lunch in the little village of Hilton. Hilton is a short 15-20 minute trip up the hill from Pietermaritzburg and we decided on our way back down to travel along the single lane old road and not the main highway. Just off of this road still at the top of the hill is a little viewing site called "World's View" ....it marks the route travelled by the Voortrekker settlers into KwaZulu Natal as they descended from the Drakensberg mountains down towards the coast and eventually to Durban. The view from this spot is simply breathtaking on a clear day and so a little, quick daily painting sketch! If you would like to see some of these breathtaking views visit my Instagram page.

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