Roses and earth tremors #311

Daily painting #311. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel  $65

It was dark and gloomy in the studio yesterday afternoon and I decided to use only the gentle light from the studio window. I was sitting painting at my easel in the gloomy light, when my chair felt as if it was being bumped. Thinking the cat had climbed up behind me and was scratching himself and therefor bumping me, I proceeded to scold him and as I moved to chase him I realized he wasn't there....and yet I could still feel a slight vibration on the chair! The cat also raised his head from another corner of the studio and looked at me curiously....clearly also thinking my mind had finally tipped me over the edge. It was really strange and as fast as it happened I was left thinking perhaps I had imagined it! Only a few hours later  did I hear on the news that there was an earthquake near Johannesburg measuring 5.5. In South Africa that is huge as earthquakes are rare! In Durban we received mild tremors from the shock waves and so I have redeemed myself and I am not so crazy after all. The earth really was moving under me....and I was not imagining things. Sadly one person lost their life and many others were injured as some miners were trapped underground. There have been warnings that further earthquakes or tremors could occur and in South Africa where major natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes etc are not common, this "little" earthquake is making huge headlines! Ebola virus, earthquakes....please Mother Nature, Africa needs a little TLC!

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