Pink wild pear #313

Daily painting #313. 4"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

There is nothing more touching than receiving a hand picked blossom from someone's garden! Today one of the ladies in my painting class walked into the studio with this beautiful flower picked from her garden as she was leaving for class...how touching! Robyn did tell me the botanical name but I probably wouldn't get it right and besides I love it's common name....a Pink Wild Pear!! It is like a little sweet smelling ball of soft little pink flowers and is just too pretty. It also smells like someone just opened the honey jar ...sweet and rather delicious smelling! My little bee that I painted yesterday would have loved this flower as much as I do! It is indigenous and I am definitely going to look out for one next time I am at the nursery! 
Thanks Robyn....your little gesture made my day!

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