Contemplation #334

Daily painting #334 4"x6"  oil on primed canvas panel

This mornings time at my easel was a time of soulful contemplation and reflection....
Today Andrew and I have been married for 15 years, in a months time I would have painted 365 little daily paintings in 365 days....a journey that has meant so much more to me than little paintings and I am still struggling to put into words everything that Paintings in the post has meant or become to me. A few days prior to reaching this little milestone I will be celebrating my 40th birthday....a milestone in itself! My time was spent thinking of relationships, journeys and connections ....the pathways we forge in life which in itself is celebrated not by the milestones we reach but by the decisions we make and the relationships we treasure along the way....
My time at the easel has much to do with painting but it also has so much more to do with the time I get to spend with myself and my thoughts. On starting my Paintings in the post journey I remember writing about how the thought of writing (and in doing so sharing my thoughts) scared me more than the painting .... I still do not view myself as a writer, I have to confess I can't spell and for an ex school teacher my grammar would probably at times make my old English teachers scream. The delete button and I are trusty best friends. But sharing my thoughts has become easier....and today my time at the easel was little to do with WHAT or HOW I was painting and everything to do with what daily painting does for me and my head space .....a ritual, a time for quiet contemplation!

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  1. "the thought of writing (and in doing so sharing my thoughts) scared me more than the painting"
    I feel the same about my own work and it is refreshing or just feels good to know other people feel similar. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and work. Great paintings!


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