"Another one...because I feel like it!" #321

Daily painting #321. Oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

I am not normally one to rant....but today I am going to have my say! I painted ANOTHER rose (it is sitting in a single stem vase in my studio) out of sheer frustration, actually rather in response to the arrogant thoughts of some! I find it difficult to comprehend that people would criticize others because they paint flowers....or their work is 'pretty'.....! Why does everything have to have some deep academic thought ....? For starters this blog has NOTHING to do with academics or any serious conceptual response to academic discourse. It is the daily recording of something simple in paint (and yes there are ALWAYS flowers in my house) by someone who gets sheer JOY from the interaction with paint. It often has very little to do with WHAT it is I am painting and more about my responses to actually sitting down to complete a little painting every day. It is one thing to paint every day but another to complete something every day ....7 days a week ....for almost a year. I do this not for any recognition, pat on the back or accolades but more because of my own personal journey ....and I have chosen to share it in the hopes that I can encourage someone out there in some little way! It is not to say that if I was working on pieces for an exhibition that I wouldn't enjoy the more academic, thought provoking journey that one engages with when exploring a particular body of work, but that is a different approach to painting (for me anyway) with lots more exploration and I would never manage to complete a piece in one day! So if I choose to paint flowers ...'pretty' ones ...and share it on this blog...so be it and if others choose to paint roses or flowers for whatever reason....so be it! Who has the right to judge.....?

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  1. You go girl! I love your daily paintings - so keep doing what you do and ignore the "noise" ;)

  2. Thank you Cindy....you are a honey!! Xxx


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