Welcome home #285

Daily painting #285 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

Daily painting #284 blogpost has only just gone live now...I had no luck with the Heathrow free wireless ....but I am finally home!!!! After leaving Reigate about 24 hours ago and being awake for close on 29 hours ....we are finally home and I am determined to complete my daily painting before completely crashing into the deepest sleep in my own bed! Andrew took a sleeping tablet on the flight over and Amy who was exhausted slept on me....so I am feeling quite zombified right now but having managed to continue daily entries throughout my UK trip....I am not about to break my momentum now....perhaps I am overtired! So this post will go live in the morning....as usual ....and I will be back to some kind of daily routine. Can't wait to get into my studio tomorrow in the daylight, have a big clean up and spend some quality time in my heavenly little space! 
My kind mother-in-law dropped off some supper and a beautiful bunch of roses from her garden....I am SO grateful! Neither supper or what I was going to paint needed too much thought! The bunch of roses look and smell gorgeous....I will definitely have to paint them again! Perhaps after a good nights sleep! 

It is good to be home!

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